How can leafleting/direct mail benefit my business?
  • Targeting your message to local households and businesses within a chosen area
  • Let local customers know who you are and what you do
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Generate brand awareness and retention
  • Generate extra sales during quiet periods
  • Fully promote your corporate image and full range of products and services
  • Offers immediate impact and far greater reach when compared to other forms of advertising  
What are the likely response rates?

Response levels to your letterbox advertising will vary depending upon the following...

  • Demographics of the distribution areas
  • Appearance and quality of your leaflet
  • Product or service you are offering
  • Timing and relevance of your campaign
  • Repeatability of the distribution area

Do you deliver to every letterbox in a designated area?

No, and there are several reasons why...

  • If there is a sign advising the resident does not wish to receive advertising material
  • Certain properties may not have a letterbox or it may not be clearly visible
  • It may not be possible to gain access to the letterboxes in some apartments and secured units
  • If there is a warning or obvious signs of a dog on the property the delivery person may at their discretion choose not to deliver to the property
  • Delivery will not be attempted to empty or derelict properties or where access is hazardous
  • Material will not be delivered to letterboxes where there is an obvious overflow

We will achieve a minimum penetration rate of 98% of all delivery points that accept advertising material in any chosen area.