Price Guide : Distribution Options

Single Sheet Items for direct mail / leaflet distribution
Solus - Recommended
your mail shot delivered on its own - 45.00 per 1000

(when available)
              Alongside one other item - 32.00 per 1000
Magazines & Newspapers - Solus only
Price 60 - (Weight up to 200g)               65 - (Weight 201-300g)               70 - (Weight above 301g)
Promotions (Hand to Hand)
Price 14.99 p/h per person - (minimum booking of 4 hours)
Business to Business Delivery - prices based on per person per day - 65
Specific tailor made distributions - priced per person per day - 65

All distribution options are priced per thousand items and are subject to availability .Prices apply to London Postcode Areas only.All prices are inclusive.

*Shareplan-Please contact us for more details and area availability.

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